Re-Bo Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades made of HSS / HSS-E Custom manufacturing

We are able to manufacture every technically possible dimension (diameter from 10 up to 630 mm) for you. Saw Blades made individually for you, could have the following features:


  • coatings
  • narrowed size tolerances
  • special tooth types
  • extremely strong hollowgrinding
  • flat ground
  • extremely thin thicknesses
  • without toothing
  • gang sawing work
  • bore, pin holes and key ways in special execution
  • imperial sizes
  • in-between thicknesses
  • high tenacity execution


Special tooth forms


We are able to make every tooth shape (A, AW, B, BW, BS and C) with all possible rake angles, clearance angles, tooth depths and tooth base radii on request for every saw blade size.


For jobs to be done with sets of saw blades
Metal cutting circular saw blades for gang work are interlocked in a stack for toothing. This ensures optimum diameter uniformity.
The lateral plane surfaces are ground in a special process to achieve high distance accuracy between the individual metal cutting circular saw blades.


Steel qualities and surface refinement



According to the respective purpose of use we are able to manfufacture metal cutting circular saw blades of appropriate steel quality and surface refinement