Re-Bo Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades according to DIN 1838 C (Coarse toothing / spiral toothing with precutting and finishing teeth)

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This so-called high-performance toothing is manufactured with the same pitches as the type of coarse toothing according to DIN 1838 B (but only from 1 mm saw blade thickness up). It is characterized by its chip-cutting tooth shape and, when handling stock of low up to medium mechanical strength it ensures high cutting capacity. The three-chip feature resulting from the precutter higher by about 0,15 - 0,3 mm - as per the tooth pitch concerned - than the finishing tooth results in a reciprocal load removal from the teeth. When re-sharpening the saw blades the difference in height between the precutting and the finishing teeth must carefully be taken into consideration.
It should be noted here that this type of toothing can with preference be used - for the most part - for cutting jobs only because of the fact that, in the case of sawing or milling work not separating entirely the handled stock, an additional groove results in the bottom face of the cut produced by the higher precutter so that a level bottom face cannot be obtained.
When taking into consideration the above explanations this type of toothing can for the rest be used over the whole range as it can coarse toothing as per DIN 1838 B.