Re-Bo HSS/HSS-E Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades according to DIN:

All metal cutting circular saw blades to DIN 1837 A / 1838 B and 1838 C standards in HSS are manufactured in series and available from stock. The designation "to DIN standard" refers to metal cutting circular saw blades made in compliance with the German industrial standard in the 20 to 315 mm diameter range. We better this standard in-house in respect of some important characteristics, and obtain exceptionally high precision and accuracy on dimensions and tolerances. DIN metal cutting circular saw blades are used primarily for precision sawing and milling work on universal milling machines and other precision machines.
Metal cutting circular saw blades to DIN standard in HSS-E are made on request.

To achieve optimum service life for the tools used for all kinds of machining
operations and a smooth chip flow, we recommend use of our matching Re-Bo High-efficiency cooling and lubricating concentrate.