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Top Quality for Cooling and Lubricating

Re-Bo High-Efficiency Cooling and Lubricating Concentrate for High-efficiency Emulsion

For cooling and lubricating during sawing, cutting, drilling, thread-cutting and other chip-producing steel machining work, suitable for all machinable strength ranges. High-pressure additives prevent the lubrication film from tearing. The film remains inmolecular thickness on the cutting tool even in high cutting pressure.

The excellent cooling and lubricating effect provides:

  •   higher cutting life time
  •   better cutting properties
  •   better chip flow


Additional positive features:
This concentrate helps prevent rust, protects varnish and is to a large extent resistant against bacteria, has a neutral odor and is physiologically unharmful.
Manufactured exclusively for us under license according to a special procedure and using especially high-grade constituents.


Large Re-Bo Cooling and Lubricating Stick


Specially designed for use on metal cutting circular saw blades in high-speed power-driven circular saws for machining nonferrous metals.
This cooling and lubricating stick is a high-grade cooling and lubricating agent in solid form. It is mainly used when liquid cooling and lubricating emulsions cannot be applied due to high speed of the cutting tool. Apply by periodically pressing cooling and lubricating stick against either side of the rotating saw blade.