Super-high-speed steel
DMo 5, Material-Nr. 1.3343
( M2 )


HSS steel is the standard basic material for metal cutting circular saw blades. This material is perfectly adequate for normal machining of low to medium strengths and guarantees very long service life for the saw blades.


Super-high-speed steel, cobalt alloyed
EMo 5 Co 5, Material-Nr. 1.3243
( M35 )


HSS-E is a higher quality material, which is additionally alloyed with cobalt. Metal cutting circular saw blades in this grade of steel are used for materials which are difficult to machine such as VA (stainless) steel or other material grades with higher strength. This material is also perfectly suited to all applications in which a longer metal cutting circular saw blade life is needed.


Solid carbide (VHM)



The VHM circular saw blades available ex stock are manufactured of a carbide type similar to K10. On demand other carbide types are also available. With Re-Bo solid carbide circular saw blades it is possible to increase the cutting speed 3 to 4 times in comparison with HSS saw blades. Furthermore also high-tensile or materials with 800 - 1200 N/mm² and high-abrasive materials can be machined very well.