Re-Bo Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades according to DIN 1838 B (Coarse toothing with spiral toothing)

Dimensions l Materials


This type of toothing having tooth pitches varying as per thickness and dimensions of blade between 3,15 and 12,5 mm has a relatively large chip pocket of half-round shape rendering possible fine chip formation. Owing to these characteristics the field of use of this type of toothing is wider than that of the toothing as per DIN 1837 A.
The coarse toothing in question is above all suited for handling larger cross sections and increased cutting depths. Varying as per the dimensions and the tooth pitch as well as the corresponding feed this type of toothing can be used for cutting depths and cross sections up to a maximum of 100 mm. This toothing can well be considered as the most universal type of toothing according to DIN.