Re-Bo Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades According to DIN 1837 A (Fine toothing with herringbone toothing)

Dimensions l Materials


This type of toothing having tooth pitches varying as per thickness and dimensions of blade between 0,8 and 6,3 mm has especially been developped for handling brittle short-chip materials. Owing to their tooth shape these herringbone teeth have a particularly small chip pocket. As a result of the relatively small tooth pitches this toothing is best suitable only for cutting minor depths or thin-walled stock. A general recommendation would be to use the smaller tooth pitches up to 2 mm inclusive for minor cutting depths up to 3–4 mm maximum whilst the larger pitches could be used up to about 15 mm cutting depth, or cross section, respectively, as a maximum.
It is, of course, necessary to take into consideration also the materials to be handled as well as the cutting speed and the corresponding feed. If the chosen feeds are small it might be possible to work also with slightly larger cutting depths without tooth breaking.