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of circular saw blades

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About Re-Bo


The company Re-Bo was founded in the year 1946 and the brandname Re-Bo stands for highest quality, absolute reliability and outstanding service ever since.

Re-Bo constantly expands its research and manufacturing facilities and is now one of the leading manufacturers of metal cutting circular saw blades in the world. Re-Bo's products are successfully being used in over 80 countries. The result of the company's know-how, gained in over 75 years experience, paired with the most modern machinery, guarantee the highest quality of each product and allow the company to react to customers' needs in delivery times and custom solutions. More than 1000 different product variations, of which many are constantly manufactured in series, are available in Re-Bo's stock.
Delivering customized solutions is one of Re-Bo's core strengths. These solutions are always developed in close co-operation with the customer which allows Re-Bo to successfully deliver results to specific tasks in a short time frame.